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About DP du Plessis Inc


DP du Plessis Incorporated is a boutique law firm co-founded in 1979 by Daniel Petrus du Plessis and Hendrik Johannes du Plessis Sr., both with extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields of law. Our team was further strengthened by the highly experienced Peet du Plessis who was appointed as a director on 22 July 2005 and Hendrik Johannes du Plessis Jr who was appointed as a director on 1 June 2015. Our latest addition to the firm as a director has been with our firm for most of his professional career.

Our firm has built a reputation for legal excellence and is highly esteemed for its integrity, professionalism, and legal expertise. Our firm is widely considered in circles of the legal fraternity, as one of the leading law practices in Centurion.

We strive to reflect diverse ingenuity of our professionals in their respective specialised legal fields, to acquire a keen understanding of our clients’ needs, and to always act in their best interest.

Our team of dynamic attorneys is committed to providing creative and practical solutions that reflect a profound understanding of the legal landscape, market practice, and our clients’ business and objectives. We are proud to indicate that we are a B/BEE contributor.

We specialise in

  • Corporate Law
  • Contract Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Specialised commercial litigation
  • Employment Law
  • Property Law
  • Labour Law
  • Criminal Law

Our Professional Team

Peet du Plessis
Peet du Plessis
Peet du


Peet was conferred the B Proc degree by the University of Pretoria in 1992 and was admitted as an Attorney in 1994. After that, he was a state prosecutor and Magistrate at the Department of Justice for three years. Peet joined the firm in 2005 and was appointed as a Director.

Peet is a highly experienced and passionate attorney with over 30 years’ experience and proficiency in many facets of Criminal law, Commercial, Civil, and General Litigation. He has extensive experience in Family law especially divorce matters.

He enjoys rubbing shoulders with people in the industry but sees himself as a regular person with a highly specialised skill set and a passion for his field. He believes that it is important to socialize with clients; however, at the end of the day, it is the attorney who gets the job done who is successful.

Peet provides leadership to the firm in respect of litigation and Family law.


  • Criminal Matters
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Civil Litigation
  • General Litigation
  • Third-Party Claims
  • Labour Matters
  • Divorce Matters


  • Admitted Attorney, South Africa, 1994/12/06
  • Right of Appearance, High Court, South Africa, 1999/01/15